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The instant slide show featuring your friends and associates in an incredible production on big screens within 10 minutes!

INSTANT MEMORIES! features pictures of the people at your event in a spectacular multi-image presentation within 10 minutes of our photographers taking the last pictures! Candids, portraits, and special effects are set to an upbeat stereo soundtrack as a climax to your event. Perfect for awards shows, galas, annual meetings, parties, fundraisers, weddings, etc. Whatever size program or budget, we have a show to fit.

INSTANT MEMORIES! uses Polaroid instant slide film which is processed quickly and easily on site in minutes with no chemicals and no mess. All pictures are mounted and edited on the spot as events actually happen. Special sequences are created showing highlights of your program. As the last speaker wraps up the function, we are already processing their picture. Finishing, they introduce a "special presentation: as a conmplete surprise. Shown as the finale to your event, INSTANT MEMORIES! includes everything that came bnefore it, even the person introducing it!

It's that simple. It's that quick. Ask for more details on INSTANT MEMORIES!, the instant solution you'll remember for a long, long time.

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