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? How many displays can you have operating at any one time?

•WATCHOUT™ is scalable, there is no limit to the number of displays that can be
operating at the same time, either vertically or horizontally.

? Why do I need a computer for each display?

•Due to the enormous files sizes that can accompany many WATCHOUTTM presentations,
a each display requires it own computer to manage the data. This is especially true if you
plan to incorporate video in to your presentations.

? If I add more displays, will my images get more and more

•No. WATCHOUTTM is resolution independent which means your images will retain
their native resolution. This means that your high resolution images on you computer
will look just as good projected (if not better)!!!

? Can I use video in my WATCHOUT™ projects?

•Yes. WATCHOUT™ can display and animate video streams of varying aspect ratios and
resolutions so long as it is in a format supported by Apple's Quicktime™.

? I know that Personal Creations, Inc. can configure
WATCHOUT™ systems but can you also design presentations?

•Of course!!! Personal Creations, Inc. has been designing WATCHOUT™ presentations
since it was first released. In fact, Personal Creations' WATCHOUT™ presentation at the
LDI 2000 trade show won Dataton and Personal Creations product of the year award
for "Best Scenic Effects!"

? Is WATCHOUT™ easy to learn?

•Yes! WATCHOUT™ is very easy to learn for beginners and accomplished designers alike.
It's timeline "drag and drop" interface is very intuitive and common in many other
leading production software packages already on the market today. So if you are already
familiar with programs like Adobe Premier™, After Effects™ or Final Cut Pro™,
WATCHOUT™ will come very naturally.

? How can I use live video in my presentations?

•You can't using WATCHOUT™ alone. You would need additional equipment to do this
kind of functionality.

? What kind of extra production equipment will I need to make
WATCHOUT™ presentations?

•The minimum equipment you will need to produce and display a WATCHOUT™
presentation is: a control computer, and one display computer/display device per image

? What kind of projectors do I need to use WATCHOUT™?

•Any kind of projector or monitor can serve as a display device for WATCHOUT ™, as long as
it has computer graphic inputs. We recommend VGA (640x480) or XGA (1024x768) inputs.

? Can WATCHOUT™ do front and rear projection?


? Does WATCHOUTTM work on a MAC or PC?

•Currently all WATCHOUT™ systems are hybrids such that the production computer is a
PC and each display computer must be a MAC G4. Minimum specifications of the PC
are: 500Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM, a free USB port, 100MB disc space, Windows 98 or 2000.
Each display computer (MAC G4) should have at least: 450Mhz CPU, 128MB RAM,
100MB free disc space, ATI Rage card with 16MB of video memory (standard on G4's),
MAC OS 9.0.4. Come summer of 2001, systems will be configured as PC's only for the
production and display computers.

? Does WATCHOUT™ integrate with Dataton's TRAX™ show control

•Yes. This can be accomplished by means of external serial control of the WATCHOUT™
production computer. The control protocol is based on the Pioneer laserdisc serial protocol.
It provides the ability to start, stop, and locate any position in the show.

? Why should I get WATCHOUT™ from Personal Creations, Inc.?

•Personal Creations, Inc. is a leader in WATCHOUT™ presentation design and production.
In fact, we are the only WATCHOUT™ dealer who has won a major award regarding this
exciting new technology. Plus, our close ties with Dataton enable us to provide superior
service and lowest cost.

? What kinds of formats does WATCHOUT™ support?

•WATCHOUT™ can support any file format that can be displayed using Apple's Quicktime™.
This includes many popular formats such as: .PSD, .BMP, .GIF., .JPG, .AVI, .MOV and
DV. For a complete list look at Quicktime's™ latest support literature.




Most recently we've incorprated the Watchout™ System into the Michael Feinstein Salon at the Mark Taper Forum and the Mercedes' Trade Show Booth at the '03 Miami Auto Show. We used the system and our own projection design in Ballet Austin's production of Touch, which debuted April 4, 2003.




Key Points

•Any Number of Image Areas

•Horizontally and/or Vertically

•One Computer per Image Area

•Ethernet Connection

•Works With Any Type of Data Projector

•Infinitely Variable Soft Edge Masking

•Resolution Independent

•Combine Image Areas to Increase Viewable Resolution

•Composite Graphics and Video with Drop Shadows

•Drag and Drop Cues

•Scale, Opacity, Position Controls for Each Cue

•Synchronized Digital Audio Playback

•RS232 Control Capable

•Supports Quicktime Movies, Photoshop Files, .tif, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .wav, .aif, etc. and Alpha Channel transparency

•Complete Production, Projected Backdrops, Scenery

•Permanent or Temporary Installation; Touring, Special Events, Trade Shows, Theater, Theme Parks




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